In 2000 I took an MCSE course at Bellevue college, and got a few Microsoft certifications. My first job in the IT field was at Merrill Lynch, supporting call centers and offices for about 3 years. Next I worked at SHPS for a year and a half which had government contracts which required getting security clearance. I learned a lot about HIPAA regulations there. Then I spent a year at John L Scott supporting remote and corporate offices. Most recently I worked at the Snoqualmie Valley Hospital for 8 years. Along the way I have also done lots of side projects for smaller companies and individuals.

My interests are many and varied. During the last 20 years I have renovated several houses and properties, and started a general contracting company which did great for 2 years till the recession hit in 2008. I discovered my interest in art, or really more an interest in being creative, when I worked at Redhook. This led me to a variety of art projects and new mediums for art. "Wire we hear" is made from thick copper wire which allows for motion, making faces laugh, people dance and birds flap their wings. It is also the name of our new band. "Slated for Art" is made from broken slate, and other things that were never meant to be art. You can see a few pieces at No Monkeys Garage is automotive goofiness and can be seen at I have several other ideas and projects in various states of development, but they all have to go to the back burner for now, because it is time to focus on NORBENCO.

I have been involved with the local homeless shelter since it opened in 2012. Thanks to everyone that has helped. Please let me know if you would like to know how to help or you can contact us through the web site.  

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I grew up in New York state, about 30 miles north of the Manhatten. I moved to the Seattle area in 1985 and have lived in North Bend for 20 years. In my twenties, I worked in restaurants and took several runs at college, but I am pretty easily distracted, and found myself more focused on snowboarding, mountain biking and windsurfing. In 1994 I started working at the Redhook Brewery, were I was like a pig in spit, or wherever they are really happy. My initiative was rewarded, and my creativity was encouraged, and much of the time I was working, I was having a blast.